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27-May-2008 Bescherming ozonlaag : 20 jaar effectief beleid - een welkome waarheidKNMI; MNP; RIVM
8-Jan-2008 Windturbines op veilige afstandRiedstra, D
14-Nov-2007 Kwaliteitsindicatoren voor de verloskunde: vóór ons, dóór ons!Kooistra, M; Franx, A; Schuitemaker, N; Wolf, H; Graafmans, W
1-Nov-2007 Legionellapreventie: betere naleving Waterleidingwet nodigVersteegh, A.; Brandsema, P.; Aa, M. van der; Dik, H.
6-Jul-2007 Evaluation of a procedure to assess the adverse effects of illicit drugs.Amsterdam, J G C van; Best, W; Opperhuizen, A; Wolff, F A de
21-May-2007 Functional foods: the case for closer evaluation.Jong, Nynke de; Klungel, Olaf H; Verhagen, Hans; Wolfs, Marion C J; Ocké, Marga C; Leufkens, Hubert G M
26-Apr-2007 Classification of mineral water types and comparison with drinking water standardsAa, NGFM van der
25-Apr-2007 Structure elucidation of sildenafil analogues in herbal products.Blok-Tip, L; Zomer, B; Bakker, F; Hartog, K D; Hamzink, M; Hove, J ten; Vredenbregt, M; Kaste, D de
20-Mar-2007 Trends in socioeconomic disparities in stroke mortality in six european countries between 1981-1985 and 1991-1995.Avendaño, M; Kunst, A E; Lenthe, F van; Bos, V; Costa, G; Valkonen, T; Cardano, M; Harding, S; Borgan, J-K; Glickman, M; Reid, A; Mackenbach, J P
20-Mar-2007 ESAT-6 and CFP-10 in clinical versus environmental isolates of Mycobacterium kansasii.Arend, Sandra M; Haas, Petra de; Leyten, Eliane; Rosenkrands, Ida; Rigouts, Leen; Andersen, Peter; Mijs, Wouter; Dissel, Jaap T van; Soolingen, Dick van
20-Mar-2007 Health system outcomes and determinants amenable to public health in industrialized countries: a pooled, cross-sectional time series analysisArah, Onyebuchi A; Westert, Gert P; Delnoij, Diana M; Klazinga, Niek S
20-Mar-2007 Correlates of health and healthcare performance: applying the Canadian health indicators framework at the provincial-territorial levelArah, OA; Westert, GP
20-Mar-2007 Analysis of Bordetella pertussis populations in European countries with different vaccination policies.Amersfoorth, S C M van; Schouls, L M; Heide, H G J van der; Advani, A; Hallander, H O; Bondeson, K; König, C H W von; Riffelmann, M; Vahrenholz, C; Guiso, N; Caro, V; Njamkepo, E; He, Q; Mertsola, J; Mooi, F R
20-Mar-2007 Physical functioning in elderly Europeans: 10 year changes in the north and south: the HALE project.Aijänseppä, Sinikka; Notkola, Irma-Leena; Tijhuis, Marja; Staveren, Wija van; Kromhout, Daan; Nissinen, Aulikki
20-Mar-2007 Poliovirus-specific memory immunity in seronegative elderly people does not protect against virus excretion.Abbink, Frithjofna; Buisman, Anne M; Doornbos, Gerda; Woldman, Jan; Kimman, Tjeerd G; Conyn- van Spaendonck, Marina A E
21-Feb-2007 Genotyping of Giardia in Dutch patients and animals: a phylogenetic analysis of human and animal isolates.Giessen, J W B van der; Vries, A de; Roos, M; Wielinga, Peter; Kortbeek, L M; Mank, T G
15-Feb-2007 Biowaiver monographs for immediate release solid oral dosage forms: prednisolone.Vogt, M; Derendorf, H; Krämer, J; Junginger, H E; Midha, K K; Shah, V P; Stavchansky, S; Dressman, J B; Barends, D M
14-Feb-2007 Tissue specific mutagenic and carcinogenic responses in NER defective mouse models.Wijnhoven, Susan W P; Hoogervorst, Esther M; Waard, Harm de; Horst, Gijsbertus T J van der; Steeg, Harry van
14-Feb-2007 Stable isotope tagging of epitopes: a highly selective strategy for the identification of major histocompatibility complex class I-associated peptides induced upon viral infection.Meiring, Hugo D; Soethout, Ernst C; Poelen, Martien C M; Mooibroek, Dennis; Hoogerbrugge, Ronald; Timmermans, Hans; Boog, Claire J; Heck, Albert J R; Jong, Ad P J M de; Els, Cécile A C M van
14-Feb-2007 Spores from mesophilic Bacillus cereus strains germinate better and grow faster in simulated gastro-intestinal conditions than spores from psychrotrophic strains.Wijnands, L M; Dufrenne, J B; Zwietering, M H; Leusden, F M van
Showing results 1 to 20 of 231