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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2006 Airway antioxidant and inflammatory responses to diesel exhaust exposure in healthy humans.Behndig, A F; Mudway, I S; Brown, J L; Stenfors, N; Helleday, R; Duggan, S T; Wilson, S J; Boman, C; Cassee, Flemming R; Frew, A J; Kelly, F J; Sandström, T; Blomberg, A
7-Jul-2006 Allometry, biocomplexity, and web topology of hundred agro-environments in The NetherlandsMulder, Christian; Hollander, Henri den; Schouten, Ton; Rutgers, Michiel
1-Jan-2006 Application of multimedia models for screening assessment of long-range transport potential and overall persistence.Klasmeier, Jörg; Matthies, Michael; Macleod, Matthew; Fenner, Kathrin; Scheringer, Martin; Stroebe, Maximilian; Gall, Anne Christine le; McKone, Thomas; Meent, Dik van de; Wania, Frank
20-May-2006 BasinBox: a generic multimedia fate model for predicting the fate of chemicals in river catchmentsHollander, A; Huijbregts, M A J; Ragas, A M J; Meent, D van de
Sep-2007 Bescherming ozonlaag : 20 jaar effectief beleid - een welkome waarheidKNMI; MNP; RIVM
15-Mar-2006 Comparison of analytical techniques for dynamic trace metal speciation in natural freshwaters.Sigg, Laura; Black, Frank; Buffle, Jacques; Cao, Jun; Cleven, Rob; Davison, William; Galceran, Josep; Gunkel, Peggy; Kalis, Erwin; Kistler, David; Martin, Michel; Noël, Stéphane; Nur, Yusuf; Odzak, Niksa; Puy, Jaume; Riemsdijk, Willem van; Temminghoff, Erwin; Tercier-Waeber, Mary-Lou; Toepperwien, Stefanie; Town, Raewyn M; Unsworth, Emily R; Warnken, Kent W; Weng, Liping; Xue, Hanbin; Zhang, Hao
21-Feb-2006 Copper in the terrestrial environment: Verification of a laboratory-derived terrestrial biotic ligand model to predict earthworm mortality with toxicity observed in field soilsKoster, Marijke; Groot, Arthur de; Vijver, Martina G; Peijnenburg, Willie J G M
1-Mar-2006 Development and application of a sediment toxicity test using the benthic cladoceran Chydorus sphaericus.Dekker, T; Greve, Gerdit D; Laak, T L ter; Boivin, Marie-Elène Y; Veuger, B; Gortzak, G; Dumfries, S; Lücker, S M G; Kraak, Michiel H S; Admiraal, Wim; Geest, H G van der
15-Feb-2006 Do inhaled carbon nanoparticles translocate directly into the circulation in humans?Mills, Nicholas L; Amin, Nadia; Robinson, Simon D; Anand, Atul; Davies, John; Patel, Dilip; Fuente, Jesus M de la; Cassee, Flemming R; Boon, Nicholas A; Macnee, William; Millar, Alistair M; Donaldson, Ken; Newby, David E
1-Oct-2006 Driving forces from soil invertebrates to ecosystem functioning: the allometric perspective.Mulder, Christian
1-Jan-2006 Effects of the antithyroid agent propylthiouracil in a partial life cycle assay with zebrafish.Ven, Leo T M van der; Brandhof, Evert-Jan van den; Vos, José H; Power, Deborah M; Wester, Piet W
14-Jan-2006 Estimating the Impact of High-Production-Volume Chemicals on Remote Ecosystems by Toxic Pressure CalculationHarbers, Jasper V; Huijbregts, Mark A J; Posthuma, Leo; Meent, Dik van de
30-May-2006 Evolution of aerosol optical thickness over Europe during the August 2003 heat wave as seen from CHIMERE model simulations and POLDER dataHodzic, A; Vautard, R; Chepfer, H; Goloub, P; Menut, L; Chazette, P; Deuzé, J L; Apituley, A; Couvert, P
1-Jan-2006 Exposure-effect relations between aircraft and road traffic noise exposure at school and reading comprehension: the RANCH project.Clark, Charlotte; Martin, Rocio; Kempen, Elise van; Alfred, Tamuno; Head, Jenny; Davies, Hugh W; Haines, Mary M; Lopez Barrio, Isabel; Matheson, Mark; Stansfeld, Stephen A
1-Mar-2006 Functional recovery of biofilm bacterial communities after copper exposure.Boivin, Marie-Elène Y; Massieux, Boris; Breure, Anton M; Greve, Gerdit D; Rutgers, Michiel; Admiraal, Wim
1-Dec-2006 Immunotoxic effects of chemicals: A matrix for occupational and environmental epidemiological studies.Veraldi, Angela; Costantini, Adele Seniori; Bolejack, Vanessa; Miligi, Lucia; Vineis, Paolo; Loveren, Henk van
1-Feb-2006 Is cumulative fossil energy demand a useful indicator for the environmental performance of products?Huijbregts, Mark A J; Rombouts, Linda J A; Hellweg, Stefanie; Frischknecht, Rolf; Hendriks, A Jan; Meent, Dik van de; Ragas, Ad M J; Reijnders, Lucas; Struijs, Jaap
31-May-2006 Long-term evolution of upper stratospheric ozone at selected stations of the Network for the Detection of Stratospheric Change (NDSC)Steinbrecht, W; Claude, H; Schönenborn, F; McDermid, I S; Leblanc, T; Godin, S; Song, T; Swart, D P J; Meijer, Y J; Bodeker, G E; Connor, B J; Kämpfer, N; Hocke, K; Calisesi, Y; Schneider, N; Noë, J de la; Parrish, A D; Boyd, I S; Brühl, C; Steil, B; Giorgetta, M A; Manzini, E; Thomason, L W; Zawodny, J M; McCormick, M P; Russell, J M; Bhartia, P K; Stolarski, R S; Hollandsworth-Frith, S M
15-Sep-2006 Long-term personal exposure to traffic-related air pollution among school children, a validation study.Roosbroeck, Sofie van; Wichmann, Janine; Janssen, Nicole A H; Hoek, Gerard; Wijnen, Joop H van; Lebret, Erik; Brunekreef, Bert
1-Dec-2006 Longitudinal analysis of tick densities and Borrelia, Anaplasma, and Ehrlichia infections of Ixodes ricinus ticks in different habitat areas in The Netherlands.Wielinga, Peter R; Gaasenbeek, Cor; Fonville, Manoj; Boer, Albert de; Vries, Ankje de; Dimmers, Wim; Akkerhuis Op Jagers, Gerard; Schouls, Leo M; Borgsteede, Fred; Giessen, Joke W B van der
Showing results 1 to 20 of 29