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5-Jan-2007 In vitro tests to evaluate immunotoxicity: A preliminary study.Carfi', M; Gennari, A; Malerba, I; Corsini, E; Pallardy, M; Pieters, R; Loveren, Henk van; Vohr, H W; Hartung, T; Gribaldo, L
3-Jan-2007 Tissue specific mutagenic and carcinogenic responses in NER defective mouse models.Wijnhoven, Susan W P; Hoogervorst, Esther M; Waard, Harm de; Horst, Gijsbertus T J van der; Steeg, Harry van
1-Dec-2006 A 28-day oral dose toxicity study enhanced to detect endocrine effects of hexabromocyclododecane in Wistar rats.Ven, Leo T M van der; Verhoef, Aart; Kuil, Ton van de; Slob, Wout; Leonards, Pim E G; Visser, Theo J; Hamers, Timo; Herlin, Maria; Håkansson, Helen; Olausson, Hanna; Piersma, Aldert H; Vos, Josephus G
12-Oct-2006 In vivo and in vitro Ah-receptor activation by commercial and fractionated pentabromodiphenylether using zebrafish (Danio rerio) and the DR-CALUX assay.Kuiper, Rienk V; Murk, A J; Leonards, Pim E G; Grinwis, G C M; Berg, M van den; Vos, Josephus G
1-Oct-2006 Modeling responses of Daphnia magna to pesticide pulse exposure under varying food conditions: intrinsic versus apparent sensitivity.Pieters, Barry J; Jager, Tjalling; Kraak, Michiel H S; Admiraal, Wim
1-Oct-2006 A category approach for reproductive effects of phthalates.Fabjan, Evelin; Hulzebos, Etje; Mennes, W; Piersma, Aldert H
1-Sep-2006 Noise exposure and children's blood pressure and heart rate: the RANCH project.Kempen, Elise van; Kamp, I van; Fischer, P; Davies, Hugh W; Houthuijs, D; Stellato, Rebecca K; Clark, Charlotte; Stansfeld, Stephen A
1-Aug-2006 Hazard classification of chemicals inducing haemolytic anaemia: An EU regulatory perspective.Muller, Andre; Jacobsen, Helene; Healy, Edel; McMickan, Sinead; Istace, Fréderique; Blaude, Marie-Noëlle; Howden, Peter; Fleig, Helmut; Schulte, Agnes
1-Aug-2006 Depression and adipose and serum cholesteryl ester polyunsaturated fatty acids in the survivors of the seven countries study population of Crete.Mamalakis, G; Jansen, E; Cremers, H; Kiriakakis, M; Tsibinos, G; Kafatos, A
1-Aug-2006 An Xpd mouse model for the combined xeroderma pigmentosum/Cockayne syndrome exhibiting both cancer predisposition and segmental progeria.Andressoo, Jaan-Olle; Mitchell, James R; Wit, Jan de; Hoogstraten, Deborah; Volker, Marcel; Toussaint, Wendy; Speksnijder, Ewoud; Beems, Rudolf B; Steeg, Harry van; Jans, Judith; Zeeuw, Chris I de; Jaspers, Nicolaas G J; Raams, Anja; Lehmann, Alan R; Vermeulen, Wim; Hoeijmakers, Jan H J; Horst, Gijsbertus T J van der
1-Aug-2006 Dioxin and dioxin-like PCB exposure of non-breastfed Dutch infants.Weijs, P J M; Bakker, Martine I; Korver, K R; Goor Ghanaviztchi, K van; Wijnen, Joop H van
1-Jul-2006 On the limits of toxicant-induced tolerance testing: cotolerance and response variation of antibiotic effects.Schmitt, Heike; Martinali, Bennie; Beelen, Patrick van; Seinen, Willem
1-Jul-2006 In vitro and in vivo (cyto)toxicity assays using PVC and LDPE as model materials.Tienhoven, E A E van; Korbee, D; Schipper, L; Verharen, H W; Jong, W H de
1-Jun-2006 Intoxication following minor stabs from the spines of a porcupine fish.Gorcum, Teetske F van; Janse, Max; Leenders, Marianne E C; Vries, Irma de; Meulenbelt, Jan
1-Jun-2006 Toxicity of tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA) in zebrafish (Danio rerio) in a partial life-cycle test.Kuiper, R V; Brandhof, E J van den; Leonards, P E G; Ven, L T M van der; Wester, P W; Vos, J G
1-Jun-2006 Application of physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling in setting acute exposure guideline levels for methylene chloride.Bos, Peter Martinus Jozef; Zeilmaker, Marco Jacob; Eijkeren, Jan Cornelis Henri van
1-May-2006 Significance of ammonium compounds on nicotine exposure to cigarette smokers.Willems, E W; Rambali, B; Vleeming, W; Opperhuizen, Antoon; Amsterdam, J G C van
11-Apr-2006 Phenacetin acts as a weak genotoxic compound preferentially in the kidney of DNA repair deficient Xpa mice.Luijten, Mirjam; Speksnijder, Ewoud N; Alphen, Niels van; Westerman, Anja; Heisterkamp, Siem H; Benthem, Jan van; Kreijl, Coen F van; Beems, Rudolf B; Steeg, Harrym van
1-Apr-2006 Predicted effects of toxicant mixtures are confirmed by changes in fish species assemblages in Ohio, USA, rivers.Posthuma, Leo; Zwart, Dick de
3-Mar-2006 Screening suspected counterfeit Viagra and imitations of Viagra with near-infrared spectroscopy.Vredenbregt, M J; Blok-Tip, L; Hoogerbrugge, Ronald; Barends, D M; Kaste, D de
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