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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Sep-2006 Assessing the introduction of universal varicella vaccination in the Netherlands.Boot, Hein J; Melker, Hester E de; Stolk, Elly A; Wit, G Ardine de; Kimman, Tjeerd G
29-May-2006 Developing a vaccination evaluation model to support evidence-based decision making on national immunization programs.Kimman, Tjeerd G; Boot, Hein J; Berbers, Guy A M; Vermeer-de Bondt, Patricia E; Wit, G Ardine de; Melker, Hester E de
1-May-2006 The epidemiology of varicella and herpes zoster in The Netherlands: implications for varicella zoster virus vaccination.Melker, Hester E de; Berbers, Guy A M; Hahné, Susan J M; Rümke, Hans; Hof, Susan van den; Wit, G Ardine de; Boot, Hein J
22-Aug-2006 Frequency of Adverse Events after Vaccination with Different Vaccinia Strains.Kretzschmar, Mirjam; Wallinga, Jacco; Teunis, Peter F M; Xing, Shuqin; Mikolajczyk, Rafael
1-Jun-2006 Long-term protection against carriage of hepatitis B virus after infant vaccination.Sande, Marianne A B van der; Waight, P; Mendy, M; Rayco-Solon, P; Hutt, P; Fulford, T; Doherty, C; McConkey, S J; Jeffries, D; Hall, A J; Whittle, H C
30-Nov-2006 Performance of the Brighton collaboration case definition for hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode (HHE) on reported collapse reactions following infant vaccinations in the Netherlands.Vermeer-de Bondt, Patricia E; Dzaferagić, Aida; David, Silke; Maas, Nicoline A T van der
3-Jan-2007 Preclinical and clinical safety studies on DNA vaccines.Schalk, Johanna A C; Mooi, Frits R; Berbers, Guy A M; Aerts, Leon A G J M van; Ovelgönne, Hans; Kimman, Tjeerd G
10-Nov-2006 Programme of the Community Network of Reference Laboratories for Human Influenza to improve Influenza Surveillance in Europe.Meijer, Adam; Brown, Caroline; Hungnes, Olav; Schweiger, Brunhilde; Valette, Martine; Werf, Sylvie van der; Zambon, Maria
1-May-2006 Stable isotope tagging of epitopes: a highly selective strategy for the identification of major histocompatibility complex class I-associated peptides induced upon viral infection.Meiring, Hugo D; Soethout, Ernst C; Poelen, Martien C M; Mooibroek, Dennis; Hoogerbrugge, Ronald; Timmermans, Hans; Boog, Claire J; Heck, Albert J R; Jong, Ad P J M de; Els, Cécile A C M van
10-Nov-2006 Use of oseltamivir in Dutch nursing homes during the 2004-2005 influenza season.Sande, Marianne A B van der; Ruijs, Wilhelmina L M; Meijer, Adam; Cools, Herman J M; Plas, Simone M van der
1-Jun-2006 Vaccinaties in het eerste levensjaar en gerapporteerde allergische aandoeningen bij kinderen van 8-12 jaarBernsen, R M D; Jongste, Johan C de; Koes, B W; Aardoom, H A; Wouden, J C van der
15-May-2006 WHO informal consultation on scientific basis for regulatory evaluation of candidate human vaccines from plants, Geneva, Switzerland, 24-25 January 2005.Laan, Jan Willem van der; Minor, Philip; Mahoney, Richard; Arntzen, Charles; Shin, Jinho; Wood, David
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12