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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2006 Biowaiver monographs for immediate release solid oral dosage forms: cimetidine.Jantratid, E; Prakongpan, S; Dressman, J B; Amidon, G L; Junginger, H E; Midha, K K; Barends, D M
1-Jan-2007 Biowaiver monographs for immediate release solid oral dosage forms: prednisolone.Vogt, M; Derendorf, H; Krämer, J; Junginger, H E; Midha, K K; Shah, V P; Stavchansky, S; Dressman, J B; Barends, D M
1-Jul-2006 Does a "500 million-year-old hormone" disprove Darwin?Hafner, Martin; Korthof, Gert
1-Feb-2004 Evaluation of a procedure to assess the adverse effects of illicit drugs.Amsterdam, J G C van; Best, W; Opperhuizen, A; Wolff, F A de
1-Feb-2006 High interlaboratory reproducibility of DNA sequence-based typing of bacteria in a multicenter study.Aires-de-Sousa, Marta; Boye, K; Lencastre, H de; Deplano, A; Enright, M C; Etienne, J; Friedrich, A; Harmsen, D; Holmes, A; Huijsdens, Xander W; Kearns, A M; Mellmann, A; Meugnier, H; Rasheed, J K; Spalburg, Emile; Strommenger, B; Struelens, M J; Tenover, F C; Thomas, J; Vogel, U; Westh, H; Xu, J; Witte, W
1-Oct-2006 The importance of estimating selection bias on prevalence estimates shortly after a disaster.Grievink, Linda; Velden, Peter G van der; Yzermans, C Joris; Roorda, Jan; Stellato, Rebecca K
22-Jun-2006 Increased cell-to-cell variation in gene expression in ageing mouse heart.Bahar, Rumana; Hartmann, Claudia H; Rodriguez, Karl A; Denny, Ashley D; Busuttil, Rita A; Dollé, Martijn E T; Calder, R Brent; Chisholm, Gary B; Pollock, Brad H; Klein, Christoph A; Vijg, Jan
1-Aug-2006 The independent predictive value of peritraumatic dissociation for postdisaster intrusions, avoidance reactions, and PTSD symptom severity: a 4-year prospective study.Velden, Peter G van der; Kleber, Rolf J; Christiaanse, B; Gersons, Berthold P R; Marcelissen, Frans G H; Drogendijk, Annelieke N; Grievink, Linda; Olff, Miranda; Meewisse, Mariel L
2-Nov-2006 Maintenance files for WARP-
1-Jun-2006 Physical and mental health shortly after a disaster: first results from the Enschede firework disaster study.Kamp, Irene van; Velden, Peter G van der; Stellato, Rebecca K; Roorda, Jan; Loon, Jeanne van; Kleber, Rolf J; Gersons, Bertold B R; Lebret, Erik
25-Jan-2006 Probabilistic inversion for chicken processing linesCooke, Roger M; Nauta, Maarten; Havelaar, Arie H; Fels, Ine van der
30-Jun-2006 Safety distances for hydrogen filling stationsMatthijsen, A J C M; Kooi, E S
31-Mar-2006 The use of generic failure frequencies in QRA: the quality and use of failure frequencies and how to bring them up-to-date.Beerens, H I; Post, J G; Uijt de Haag, P A M
Showing results 1 to 13 of 13