• Strategisch Onderzoek RIVM Jaaroverzicht 2012 : Speerpuntnotities - publicaties - kengetallen

      ten Kroode JHCM; van Leeuwen CD; Demon JMH; C&A; BDV (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu RIVM, 2013-12-12)
      RIVM Strategic Research annual report 2012 RIVM publishes an annual report on its research programme RIVM Strategic Research (SOR). The programme is intended to provide the expertise and quality to enable RIVM to competently perform tasks on behalf of its clients in the short and longer term. SOR projects are organised on the basis of a fouryear cycle. The 2012 annual report covers the second year of the 2011-2014 SOR cycle. The report describes the objective of each project, the progress made and the social relevance of the results secured. It also provides information about those projects from the previous SOR cycle (2007-2010) that were still operating during 2012. Statistical and financial data are provided about the programme, covering all SOR projects that were active during the year. During the year, 85 publications appeared in peer-reviewed journals and a another hundred papers were submitted for publication. Of the publications that appeared, seventy named an RIVM staff member as their first, second or final author. The programme yielded a large number of other products as well: nineteen reports and letter reports, ninety-three presentations at international congresses, thirty models and other tools, twelve databases, eight websites and one patent. The scientific impact of the publications was quantified for the report using a predefined list of reference journals. From the quantification exercise, it is apparent that the impact of the published articles was above average. In 2012, roughly 13.6 million euros were allocated to the SOR