• Development of decision support systems for the admission of pesticides: definition report

      Linden AMA van der; Douven WJAM; Herrchen M; Ferioli A; Hoogenboom FGG; LBG; VUA; FHG; ISPS (International Center for Pesticides and Safety ICPSFraunhofer Gesellschaft FHGVrije Universiteit Amsterdam VUARijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieuhygiene RIVM., 1994-06-30)
      In this report the scientific background of the project 'Development of decision support systems for the admission of pesticides' as carried out with support of the Environment Research Programm (1990 - 1994) of the European Community, under contract no. EV5V-CT92-0217, is scientifically described. Basis of the decision support systems will be a spatially variable exposure modelling and hazard assessment for man and for terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Furthermore it is indicated how GIS can be used in spatial modelling and how it can be helpful in decision making. The development of the so-called Uniformin Principles is anticipated in this project.