• Interim report 'Winter smog and traffic'

      LLO; CCM; TOX; DGM/LE; HIMH; RUG/epidemiologie; LUW/Vakgroep humane epidemiologie en gezondheidsleer; DGVGZ/VVP; TNO/Voeding-Zeist; LUW/Vakgroep luchtkwaliteit; GHI; et al. (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieuhygiene RIVM; Rijksuniversiteit Groningen RUGLandbouwuniversiteit Wageningen LUW, 1994-12-31)
      This report presents a halfway score of the research project "Winter smog and Traffic", one of the themes of the research programme "Air Pollution and Health". A state of the art is presented of the health effects associated with exposure to winter smog and of the toxicological effects caused by the inhalation of particles. A summary of the assessment of air quality and the results of epidemiological research is presented. Some policy questions are answered as far as possible at this stage of the project. Finally, an outline of a plan of activities is presented which is based on the policy needs and the most serious gaps in knowledge.