• De mestmarkt in 2002

      Hoogervorst NJP; Egmond PM van; Knol OM; Daattselaar CHG; Wien JJF; Dijk W van; Lenis NP; Spoelstra S; Brinkmann AJF; Hoek KW van der; Tol S van; LAE; LEI; PAV; ID-DLO (DLO: LEIPAVDLO: IDGrontmij, 1999-09-17)
      This report estimates the impact of the Dutch manure policy, drown up in 1998, on losses of phosphate and nitrogen from agriculture to the environment. Target levels for 2002 are estimated to be exceeded by 11 mln kg of phosphate from animal manure and by 80 mln kg of nitrogen from manure and chemical fertilizers. This amount will increase to 14 mln kg of phosphate when the announced 20% reduction of pig production rights fails. Actual losses of phosphate to the environment are 15-20mln kg higher then the legally determined losses because phosphates in chemical fertilizers are not accounted and because arable farmers are allowed to apply standard figures for nutrient uptake by crops instead of the lower actual figures