• Onderzoek naar het voorkomen van nicarbazine bij pluimvee

      Schwillens PLWJ; Sterk SS; Ginkel LA van; Janssen FW; Bisschop E; Radstake DJ; Hamans MAWM; ARO; IGB Zutpen; VI Noord-Brabant en Limburg (1997-03-31)
      During the period 1990-1994 nicarbazin concentrations were determined in sample materials like stomach content, feed, manure/straw, meat and liver from broilers and other consumption poultry. From these studies it appeared that stomach content, feed and manure/straw contained relative high concentrations of nicarbazin, even though a significant decrease in the concentration of nicarbazin in samples of stomach content was observed during the last year of measurement. This finding was not expected for the feed, since feed should be free of nicarbazin during the withdrawal period prior to slaughter. The reason for the presence of nicarbazin in the samples of stomach content probably is the 'consumption' of nicarbazin present in the straw due to recirculation via the manure. An additional contribution can arise from the sometimes rather high concentrations of nicarbazin in the supposed nicarbazin-free feed. A correlation between the concentrations in liver and stomach content was observed. Concentrations of nicarbazin in samples of liver appeared to be a factor 50 higher than those in meat. The role of the production process of feed in contaminating nicarbazin-free feed was the subject of a separate study.