• Veiligheidsprestatie-indicatoren voor het veiligheidsbeheerssysteem van BRZO-bedrijven : Vooronderzoek

      Bellamy LJ; Bollen LAA; Sol VM; CEV (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu RIVMWhite QueenBOIAC, 2012-09-19)
      Companies working with large amounts of hazardous substances fall under the Major Accident Risks Decree 1999 (BRZO). They must conform to specific requirements to prevent major accidents with serious consequences for man and environment. These companies are regularly visited by regulatory bodies such as the Labour Inspectorate. The inspectorate evaluates whether these companies have a safety management system, whether it is tailored to the risks involved, and whether it works well. An inventory conducted by RIVM shows that it is possible to assess the safety management system using safety performance indicators. Subsequently, a first step is made for a set of such indicators for the safety management system. At this moment it is unclear whether this set is suitable for inspection purposes. Indicators: how well a company manages risk Safety performance indicators are intended to provide information on the safety performance of a company. They can play an important role in the communication and indicate how well the company is managing it's risk controls. First step for a set of safety performance indicators The presented set of safety performance indicators is formulated based on a survey of scientific literature and information from companies, including twelve BRZO companies. In a next phase, it will be explored whether the set of safety performance indicators meets the formulated criteria and whether they match the indicators that some companies already developed. Finally, it is looked into the usefulness for the Labour Inspectorate.