• Gezondheidseffectschatting. Integraal gezondheidsbeleid: theorie en toepassing

      Penris MJE; Broeder JM den; VTV (Bijsterveldt M van, 2005-06-27)
      Many policies in other fields than public health affect the health of citizens. For example the mandatory safety belt in cars has reduced the number of accidents with serious injuries. The opportunities to walk or cycle are shaped by the design of neighbourhoods. Health Impact Assessment is a method to explore such health impacts of other policies. The aim is to enhance positive health effects and to reduce health damage. This method is an instrument for intersectoral health policy. In intersectoral health policy the health sector and other sectors work together to improve and promote the population's health. This publication describes how Health Impact Assessment is performed. The theoretical description is illustrated by concrete and practical examples. The appendices contain checklists for the application of the method.