• Branch and product related emission estimation tool for manufacturers, importers and downstream users within the Risk Evaluation Authorisation CHemical (REACH) system

      van der Poel P; Bakker J; Hogendoorn EA; Vermeire TG; Bunke D; Ahrens A; Schenk HP; Oenicke M; Muller S; SEC (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu RIVMUmweltbundesamt (UBA)DessauDuitslandOkopolHamburgDuitslandOko-InstitutFreiburgDuitslandChemieDatenStrachauDuitsland, 2006-09-12)
      A tool has been developed for manufacturers, importers and downstream users of chemical substances to facilitate the finding of the appropriate emission scenarios with the best estimates for emission factors and emission period(s). The tool comprises the making of emissions estimates to wastewater, air and soil for all relevant functions and life cycle stages, e.g. production and formulation, in all possible applications and processes throughout industry and society. The crucial part of the tool is the interactive decision tree leading to the required location of a matrix, which contains all information on available emission estimates (modules). The matrix information is based on emission estimation modules derived from existing emission scenario documents and, if not available, default values both from the EU Technical Guidance Documents. The routing through the decision tree is determined by selecting the right parameters (identifiers) for each life cycle stage. The main identifiers, such as the relevant industrial category, use category, the type of chemical product and semi-finished preparation (performance package), are overviewed and defined. The methodology has been tested and illustrated for two substances in different industrial categories, i.e. a photochemical and a plastics additive, rendering appropriate emission scenarios.