• Gezondheidsonderzoek na rampen: een inventarisatie van wensen en verwachtingen

      Grievink L; van der Velden PG; de Vries M; Mulder YM; Smilde-van den Doel DA; MGO (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu RIVMNederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek van de Gezondheidszorg (NIVEL)Instituut voor Psychotrauma (IVP)Impact (Landelijk Kennis- en Adviescentrum Psychosociale zorg na rampen)Pallas health research & consultancy, 2006-02-24)
      After a disaster, it is essential to determine possible exposure to hazardous chemicals or radiation among the survivors. Adequate information on possible (negative) health effects due to exposure may limit unnecessary stress. Insight into health status and the health care needs of survivors is important information that is crucial in order to improve the health of survivors after disasters. Other information needs from a disaster health impact assessment were insight into risk factors for common persistent health problems, and the efficacy of interventions such as health research after disasters. These information needs were reported in an investigation to explore the needs, expectations and experiences of health care providers, health insurers, policy makers and survivors. These results will help the Center for Health Impact Assessment of Disasters (CGOR) in preparing and supporting health impact assessments after disasters. In this report, the information needs of the interviewees were linked to objectives and corresponding types of health research or surveillance. In addition, the best time for collecting different data for the information needs after a disaster is discussed. Possible objectives for health impact assessment include: to optimize aftercare, to fill in the knowledge gap on risk factors and to evaluate to which extent the objectives of disaster health impact assessment have been met.