• Handreiking Gezondheidsonderzoek na Rampen

      Franssen EAM; Ruijten MWMM; Meijden PA van der; Verra WJE; IJzermans CJ; MGO (Centrum voor Gezondheidsonderzoek bij Rampen CGORPaul van der Meijden Organisatieadvies en InterimmanagementPrismant Strategie GroepNIVEL, 2006-06-27)
      This 'Guidebook on Health Impact Assessment of Disasters' aims to contribute to a wel-considered, efficient and timely implementation of Health Impact Assessment(HIA) of Disasters, and to its preparation and conduct. The guidebook elaborates on: - the decision making process for disaster HIA; - the issues crucial to preparedness and actual conduct. The Netherlands experienced a number of large crises and disasters over the past decades, such as the airplane crash Bijlmermeer, the fireworks explosion in Enschede and the avian flu epizootic. After some of these disasters a health impact assessment was made as part of the aftercare activities. These studies provided essential information about the disaster's consequences: to support decisions in the planning of aftercare activities, support advice for individual treatment of victims, to address societal distress and for scientific purposes. The knowledge and experience gained about the (health) consequences and the conduct of such studies have been brought together in this guidebook. The guidebook consists of an operational section and a background document. The operational section consists of: - an operational summary for local government; - a checklist on the conduct of disaster HIA in 5 steps: preparation, decision making, the first acute study, preparing and arrangement of a process organization of the main study, conduct of the main study, and completion. The background document provides beackground to the summary and checklist, structured according to the same 5 steps as the checklist.