• Hinder, slaapverstoring, gezondheids- en belevingsaspecten in de regio Schiphol, resultaten van een vragenlijstonderzoek

      CCM; IMA (TNO Preventie en Gezondheid TNO-PGRijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu RIVM, 1998-10-26)
      As part of the Evaluation and Monitoring Programme for Schiphol airport, a questionnaire on the prevalence of self-rated annoyance, sleep disturbance, perceived general health, respiratory complaints, use of medication, and the perception of risks and the quality of life in the study area was sent to a randomly selected sample of 30,000 people living within 25 kilometers around Schiphol airport. The purpose of this study was to assess these factors in relation to the exposure to aircraft noise and air pollution. Exposure to aircraft noise was based on model calculations. The airport's proximity of the respondent's home was used as a proxy for air pollution caused by aircraft. The survey response rate was 39%. The results of this study show that annoyance from aircraft noise is greater than expected, also when the effect of selective non-response is taken into account. There is a relation between aircraft noise and noise annoyance, sleep disturbance, perceived health, the use of medication, and the perception of risks and the quality of life in the study area. The proximity of the airport was related to annoyance due to odors and soot from aircraft, respiratory complaints, and the use of medication for asthma and/or allergy. The result of this study will be used in developing a system to monitor the health status of those living in the vicinity when Schiphol airport is expanded.