• Landelijke perinatale audit: werk in uitvoering. Eindrapportage en bedrijfsplan van de opstartcommissie voor de landelijke invoering van perinatale audit

      Waelput AJM; van Overbeeke H; Eskes M; Achterberg PW; VTV (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu RIVMVan Overbeeke Advies, 2008-10-16)
      Preparations for the introduction of a national audit of perinatal mortality in the Netherlands have been started. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has elaborated on the preconditions, drawn up a business plan and initiated the preliminary activities. This was done in close collaboration with a committee consisting of representatives of the professionals involved in perinatal care. During an audit session, professionals assess the quality of the care provided - an important step towards improving professional practice. The slower decrease in perinatal mortality in the Netherlands, compared to neighbouring countries, was an important incentive to this plan. The audit sessions will take place at three levels: local, regional and national. The plan is based on a system in which professionals assess all cases of perinatal mortality within their own local healthcare setting. Specific cases or topics will be addressed during regional or national audit meetings. The audit activities will be coordinated by the National Perinatal Audit Office, which will be set up for this purpose. The plan includes a proposal for a network of regional teams, who will support the audit meetings. The audit will be addressed systematically. The clearly outlined preconditions will have to fit in with daily practice. No legal impediments have been identified for the implementation of the audit as planned. The requirements for a proper information system have also been assessed. This system has to enable perinatal care audits and comply with requirements regarding careful handling of personal data. All background information on the audit and all instruments used in the implementation of the program will be available on a website.