• BET-3: economische gevolgen van het Bouwstoffenbesluit voor kleine bedrijven in de baksteenbranche en de beton- en metselmortelbranche

      Aalbers ThG; Ruiten LHAM; LAE (Van Ruiten Adviesbureau, 2000-10-30)
      The environmental quality of building materials is expected to increase along with insight into the quality aspect through certification. Buyers of building materials will also gain more confidence in the environmental considerations influencing building materials. With the exception of the branch of industry concerned with mortars and possibly some small suppliers, the Building Materials Decree will not have a large negative economic impact on small suppliers. Reorganization of the sector may be speeded up, however, on condition that the Decree is adequately enforced by the government. The consultations between the Ministry of VROM and the building materials branch has resulted in an important reduction, by a factor of 3, of the certification costs.