• Applicability of NOAA-AVHRR 1-km data for land cover based environmental monitoring in Europe Final report part 1

      Muecher CA; Veldkamp JG; Katwijk VF van; Nieuwenhuis GJA; Velde RJ van de; LBG; DLO Winand Staring Centrum; Geodan BV (DLO-Winand Staring CentrumWageningen (SC-DLO)Geodan, 1996-12-31)
      The main objective of the study was to find out whether the multi-spectral and multi-temporal classification of AVHRR satelite data could lead to an operational method to establish a 1-km pan-European Land Cover Database for environmental monitoring. The classification methodology was applied to a vast area including France and direct surroundings. Major conclusions are: decision keys should be developed that exploit both the use of multi-temporal composites and multi-spectral data ; the current classification method allows only distinction of main land cover types ; due to the mixed pixel problem the contents of an AVHRR derived land cover class can differ substantially over Europe ; the main advantages of AVHRR derived land cover data for environmental monitoring at a European scale are its high spatial detail and its consistent quality - the main disadvantage is the absence of specific classes, such as permanent crops, which is a very important class for calculations of pesticide loads.
    • Mapping land cover for environmental monitoring on a European scale. Pilot project for the applicability of NOAA-AVHRR HRPT data

      Mucher CA; Velde RJ van de; Nieuwenhuis GJA; LBG; DLO Winand Staring Centrum (DLO-Winand Staring CentrumWageningen (SC-DLO), 1994-12-31)
      The applicability of NOAA-AVHRR HRPT satelite data to map land cover classes on a continental scale for environmental monitoring was investigated. The objectives were to assess the feasibility of methodologies for establishing a georeferenced European land cover database, and to evaluate and improve the spatial accuracy of the 10 Minutes Pan- European Land Use Database. For the Netherlands, the locational accuracy of the 10 Minutes Pan-European Land Use Database was lower than that of the NOAA-AVHRR-derived database. The pattern of nitrogen dose on the land surface derived from the NOAA-AVHRR database showed more detail than the results from the 10 Minutes Pan-European Land Use Database. The results of this study show that NOAA data are a valuable source for the land cover database.