• Bodemsanering in beleidsaandachtsgebieden

      Versluijs CW; Mulder HFMM; Wijnen HJ van; Broek HH van den; LER (3B Bureau Bodem & milieuBeleid, 2008-01-25)
      This report gives an improved overview of the inventory of the National list of polluted sites and the estimated numbers of sites with polluted soil and emergency sites in The Netherlands. RIVM estimates that The Netherlands has 6500-7500 sites with emergent need of remediation. It will take some years to determine the exact numbers and locations of the emergency sites on the basis of site investigations. The review is completed with estimated remediation costs and risk levels. A new aspect in the estimation of emergency sites is that beside the source of contamination, the land use (housing industry, gardening, etcetera) and the possible dispersion to groundwater (dependent on soil type) have been taken into account. According to the current government coalition agreement and priorities of the Minister of VROM (Physical Planning, Housing and the Environment) a number of areas has been appointed as areas with special attention (for instance the forty appointed city districts, the areas with environmental priorities, the main ecological structure). The number of sites is also set for these areas. The spatial distribution of the pollution has been examined to group sites for combined groundwater cleaning or soil risk management. RIVM recommends continuing on this track.