• Gebiedenatlas ; een eerste inventarisatie

      Beugelink GP; Hendriks L; Hoogerwerf MR; Velde RJ van de; Veldkamp JG; LBG; CSO (Rijkinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieuhygiene (RIVM)Adviesbureau voor Milieuonderzoek CSO, 1995-11-30)
      In the framework of the project Area Atlas, about 50 maps, spread over about 150 digital files were collected for several types of area-specific policy. The aim of the project was to overview the existing maps and files as completely as possible. The files, including the file manipulation and presentation program ArcView version 1, have been made available on CD-ROM but exclusively to the contributors of this project. A cumulation map for area-specific policy has been derived using 25 maps suitable for this purpose. From this, it appears that at some locations a maximum of 17 different area-specific policies are applicable.