• A two-centre randomised trial of an additional early dose of measles vaccine: Effects on mortality and measles antibody levels.

      Fisker, Ane B; Nebie, Eric; Schoeps, Anja; Martins, Cesario; Rodrigues, Amabelia; Zakane, Alphonse; Kagone, Moubassira; Byberg, Stine; Thysen, Sanne M; Tiendrebeogo, Justin; Coulibaly, Boubacar; Sankoh, Osman; Becher, Heiko; Whittle, Hilton C; van der Klis, Fiona R M; Benn, Christine S; Sie, Ali; Müller, Olaf; Aaby, Peter (2017-11-21)
      Besides protecting against measles, measles vaccine (MV) may have beneficial non-specific effects. We tested the effect of an additional early MV on mortality and measles antibody levels.