• Workshop on the validation and regulatory acceptance of innovative 3R approaches in regulatory toxicology - Evolution versus revolution.

      Burgdorf, T; Piersma, A H; Landsiedel, R; Clewell, R; Kleinstreuer, N; Oelgeschläger, M; Desprez, B; Kienhuis, A; Bos, P; de Vries, R; et al. (2019-04-01)
      At a joint workshop organized by RIVM and BfR, international experts from governmental institutes, regulatory agencies, industry, academia and animal welfare organizations discussed and provided recommendations for the development, validation and implementation of innovative 3R approaches in regulatory toxicology. In particular, an evolutionary improvement of our current approach of test method validation in the context of defined approaches or integrated testing strategies was discussed together with a revolutionary approach based on a comprehensive description of the physiological responses of the human body to chemical exposure and the subsequent definition of relevant and predictive in vitro, in chemico or in silico methods. A more comprehensive evaluation of biological relevance, scientific validity and regulatory purpose of new test methods and assessment strategies together with case studies that provide practical experience with new approaches were discussed as essential steps to build up the necessary confidence to facilitate regulatory acceptance.