• Proximity to livestock farms and exposure to livestock-related particulate matter are associated with lower probability of medication dispensing for obstructive airway diseases.

      Post, Pim M; Houthuijs, Danny; Sterk, Hendrika A M; Marra, Marten; van de Kassteele, Jan; van Pul, Addo; Smit, Lidwien A M; van der Hoek, Wim; Lebret, Erik; Hogerwerf, Lenny (2020-10-28)
      A nationwide population-based cross-sectional study was conducted among 7,735,491 persons, with data on the dispensing of drugs for obstructive airway diseases in the Netherlands in 2016. Exposure was based on distances between home addresses and farms and on modelled atmospheric particulate matter (PM10) concentrations from livestock farms. Data were analysed for different regions by logistic regression analyses and adjusted for several individual-level variables, as well as modelled PM10 concentration of non-farm-related air pollution. Results for individual regions were subsequently pooled in meta-analyses.