• A novel multiplex poliovirus binding inhibition assay applicable for large serosurveillance and vaccine studies, without the use of live poliovirus.

      Schepp, Rutger M; Berbers, Guy A M; Ferreira, José A; Reimerink, Johan H; van der Klis, Fiona R (2017)
      Large-scale serosurveillance or vaccine studies for poliovirus using the "gold standard" WHO neutralisation test (NT) are very laborious and time consuming. With the polio eradication at hand and with the removal of live attenuated Sabin strains from the oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV), starting with type 2 (as of April 2016), laboratories will need to conform to much more stringent laboratory biosafety regulations when handling live poliovirus strains. In this study, a poliovirus binding inhibition multiplex immunoassay (polio MIA) using inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV-Salk) was developed for simultaneous quantification of serum antibodies directed to all three poliovirus types. Our assay shows a good correlation with the NT and an excellent correlation with the ELISA-based binding inhibition assay (POBI). The assay is highly type-specific and reproducible. Additionally, serum sample throughput increases about fivefold relative to NT and POBI and the amount of serum needed is reduced by more than 90%. In conclusion, the polio MIA can be used as a safe and high throughput application, especially for large-scale surveillance and vaccine studies, reducing laboratory time and serum amounts needed.
    • Varicella vaccination elicits a humoral and cellular response in children with rheumatic diseases using immune suppressive treatment.

      Groot, Noortje; Pileggi, Gecilmara; Sandoval, Cleonice B; Grein, Ingrid; Berbers, Guy; Ferriani, Virginia Paes Leme; Wulffraat, Nico; de Roock, Sytze (2017-05-15)
      To assess humoral and cellular responses to live-attenuated varicella zoster virus (VZV) vaccination of patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM) or juvenile scleroderma (JScle) compared to those of healthy controls (HC).