• Food Consumption, Nutrient Intake and Status during the First 1000 days of Life in the Netherlands: a Systematic Review.

      Ter Borg, Sovianne; Koopman, Nynke; Verkaik-Kloosterman, Janneke (2019-04-16)
      Adequate nutrition is essential for growth and development in early life. Nutritional data serves as a basis for national nutritional guidelines and policies. Currently, there is no insight into the availability of such data during the first 1000 days of life. Therefore, a systematic review was performed, following the PRISMA reporting guideline, to identify studies on food consumption, nutrient intake or status in the Netherlands. Potential gaps were identified, and the quality of the studies is discussed. The databases Embase and Medline were used, as well as databases from national institutes. Articles published in 2008-2018 were screened by two independent reviewers. In total 601 articles were identified, of which 173 were included. For pregnant women, 32 studies were available with nutritional data, for young children 40 studies were identified. No studies were available for breastfeeding women. A large variety of foods and nutrients were assessed, however certain nutrients were lacking (e.g., vitamin K). Overall, the studies had methodological limitations, making the data unsuitable to assess nutrient inadequacies. There is a need for recent, high quality nutritional research to strengthen the understanding of the nutritional needs and deficiencies during early life, and is fundamental for national guidelines and policies.