• Assessment of impact of traffic-related air pollution on morbidity and mortality in Copenhagen Municipality and the health gain of reduced exposure.

      Brønnum-Hansen, Henrik; Bender, Anne Mette; Andersen, Zorana Jovanovic; Sørensen, Jan; Bønløkke, Jakob Hjort; Boshuizen, Hendriek; Becker, Thomas; Diderichsen, Finn; Loft, Steffen (2018-12-01)
      Health impact assessment (HIA) of exposure to air pollution is commonly based on city level (fine) particle concentration and may underestimate health consequences of changing local traffic. Exposure to traffic-related air pollution can be assessed at a high resolution by modelling levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO We utilized residential NO The annual mean NO Reducing the NO
    • The associations of air pollution, traffic noise and green space with overweight throughout childhood: The PIAMA birth cohort study.

      Bloemsma, Lizan D; Wijga, Alet H; Klompmaker, Jochem O; Janssen, Nicole A H; Smit, Henriëtte A; Koppelman, Gerard H; Brunekreef, Bert; Lebret, Erik; Hoek, Gerard; Gehring, Ulrike (2019-02-01)
      Air pollution, traffic noise and absence of green space may contribute to the development of overweight in children. To investigate the combined associations of air pollution, traffic noise and green space with overweight throughout childhood. We used data for 3680 participants of the Dutch PIAMA birth cohort. We estimated exposure to air pollution, traffic noise and green space (i.e. the average Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and percentages of green space in circular buffers of 300 m and 3000 m) at the children's home addresses at the time of parental reported weight and height measurements. Associations of these exposures with overweight from age 3 to 17 years were analyzed by generalized linear mixed models, adjusting for potential confounders. Odds ratios (OR's) are presented for an interquartile range increase in exposure. odds of being overweight increased with increasing exposure to NO