• Exploring the effect of previous inactivated influenza vaccination on seasonal influenza vaccine effectiveness against medically-attended influenza: results of the European I-MOVE multicentre test-negative case-control study, 2011/12-2016/17.

      Valenciano, Marta; Kissling, E; Larrauri, Amparo; Nunes, Baltasar; Pitigoi, Daniela; O Donnell, Joan; Reuss, Annicka; Horváth, Judit Krisztina; Paradowska-Stankiewicz, Iwona; Rizzo, Caterina; et al. (2018-04-16)
      Results of previous influenza vaccination effects on current season influenza vaccine effectiveness (VE) are inconsistent.
    • Exploring the Role of Farm Animals in Providing Care at Care Farms.

      Hassink, Jan; De Bruin, Simone R; Berget, Bente; Elings, Marjolein (2017-06-02)
      We explore the role of farm animals in providing care to different types of participants at care farms (e.g., youngsters with behavioural problems, people with severe mental problems and people with dementia). Care farms provide alternative and promising settings where people can interact with animals compared to a therapeutic healthcare setting. We performed a literature review, conducted focus group meetings and carried out secondary data-analysis of qualitative studies involving care farmers and different types of participants. We found that farm animals are important to many participants and have a large number of potential benefits. They can (i) provide meaningful day occupation; (ii) generate valued relationships; (iii) help people master tasks; (iv) provide opportunities for reciprocity; (v) can distract people from them problems; (vi) provide relaxation; (vii) facilitate customized care; (viii) facilitate relationships with other people; (ix) stimulate healthy behavior; (x) contribute to a welcoming environment; (xi) make it possible to experience basic elements of life; and (xii) provide opportunities for reflection and feedback. This shows the multi-facetted importance of interacting with animals on care farms. In this study the types of activities with animals and their value to different types of participants varied. Farm animals are an important element of the care farm environment that can address the care needs of different types of participants.
    • Exploring the Team Climate of Health and Social Care Professionals Implementing Integrated Care for Older People in Europe.

      MacInnes, Julie; Gadsby, Erica; Reynolds, Jillian; Mateu, Nuri Cayuelas; Lette, Manon; Ristl, Christina; Billings, Jenny (2020-10-19)
      Team climate describes shared perceptions of organisational policies, practices and procedures. A positive team climate has been linked to better interprofessional collaboration and quality of care. Most studies examine team climate within health or social care organisations. This study uniquely explores the team climate of integrated health and social care teams implementing integrated care initiatives for older people in thirteen sites across seven European countries, and examines the factors which contribute to the development of team climate.
    • Exploring uptake and biodistribution of polystyrene (nano)particles in zebrafish embryos at different developmental stages.

      van Pomeren, M; Brun, N R; Peijnenburg, W J G M; Vijver, M G (2017-09)
      In ecotoxicology, it is continuously questioned whether (nano)particle exposure results in particle uptake and subsequent biodistribution or if particles adsorb to the epithelial layer only. To contribute to answering this question, we investigated different uptake routes in zebrafish embryos and how they affect particle uptake into organs and within whole organisms. This is addressed by exposing three different life stages of the zebrafish embryo in order to cover the following exposure routes: via chorion and dermal exposure; dermal exposure; oral and dermal exposure. How different nanoparticle sizes affect uptake routes was assessed by using polystyrene particles of 25, 50, 250 and 700nm. In our experimental study, we showed that particle uptake in biota is restricted to oral exposure, whereas the dermal route resulted in adsorption to the epidermis and gills only. Ingestion followed by biodistribution was observed for the tested particles of 25 and 50nm. The particles spread through the body and eventually accumulated in specific organs and tissues such as the eyes. Particles larger than 50nm were predominantly adsorbed onto the intestinal tract and outer epidermis of zebrafish embryos. Embryos exposed to particles via both epidermis and intestine showed highest uptake and eventually accumulated particles in the eye, whereas uptake of particles via the chorion and epidermis resulted in marginal uptake. Organ uptake and internal distribution should be monitored more closely to provide more in depth information of the toxicity of particles.
    • Exploring Vector-Borne Disease Surveillance and Response Systems in Beijing, China: A Qualitative Study from the Health System Perspective.

      Lock-Wah-Hoon, Jerome; Zheng, Yang; Braks, Marieta; van Asten, Liselotte; Liu, Qiyong; Sushama, Preeti; Doreleijers, Simone; Krafft, Thomas; van der Hoek, Wim; Fanoy, Ewout; et al. (2020-11-17)
    • Exposure to Air Pollution during Pregnancy and Childhood, and White Matter Microstructure in Preadolescents.

      Lubczyńska, Małgorzata J; Muetzel, Ryan L; El Marroun, Hanan; Basagaña, Xavier; Strak, Maciej; Denault, William; Jaddoe, Vincent W V; Hillegers, Manon; Vernooij, Meike W; Hoek, Gerard; et al. (2020-02-01)
      We used data of 2,954 children from the Generation R Study, a population-based birth cohort from Rotterdam, Netherlands (2002-2006). Concentrations of 17 air pollutants including nitrogen oxides ( NO X ), particulate matter (PM), and components of PM were estimated at participants' homes during pregnancy and childhood using land-use regression models. Diffusion tensor images were obtained at child's 9-12 years of age, and fractional anisotropy (FA) and mean diffusivity (MD) were computed. We performed linear regressions adjusting for socioeconomic and lifestyle characteristics. Single-pollutant analyses were followed by multipollutant analyses using the Deletion/Substitution/Addition (DSA) algorithm.
    • Exposure to bacterial products lipopolysaccharide and flagellin and hepatocellular carcinoma: a nested case-control study.

      Fedirko, Veronika; Tran, Hao Quang; Gewirtz, Andrew T; Stepien, Magdalena; Trichopoulou, Antonia; Aleksandrova, Krasimira; Olsen, Anja; Tjønneland, Anne; Overvad, Kim; Carbonnel, Franck; et al. (2017-04-04)
      Leakage of bacterial products across the gut barrier may play a role in liver diseases which often precede the development of liver cancer. However, human studies, particularly from prospective settings, are lacking.
    • Exposure to Coxiella burnetii and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma: a retrospective population-based analysis in the Netherlands.

      van Roeden, Sonja E; van Houwelingen, Fedor; Donkers, Chiel M J; Hogewoning, Sander J; de Lange, Marit M A; van der Hoek, Wim; Kampschreur, Linda M; Bonten, Marc J M; Hoepelman, Andy I M; Bleeker-Rovers, Chantal P; et al. (2018-04-09)
      An association between Coxiella burnetii and non-Hodgkin lymphoma has been suggested. After a large Q fever epidemic in the Netherlands (2007-10), we postulated that the incidence of non-Hodgkin lymphoma would be increased during and after the epidemic in areas with a high endemicity of Q fever compared with those with low endemicity.
    • Exposure to substances by use of consumer products.

      Bitsch, A; Blume, A; Delmaar, C; Hahne, S; Heiland, A; Heinemeyer, G; et al. (2020-05-12)
    • Exposure-effect relations between aircraft and road traffic noise exposure at school and reading comprehension: the RANCH project.

      Clark, Charlotte; Martin, Rocio; Kempen, Elise van; Alfred, Tamuno; Head, Jenny; Davies, Hugh W; Haines, Mary M; Lopez Barrio, Isabel; Matheson, Mark; Stansfeld, Stephen A (2006-01-01)
      Transport noise is an increasingly prominent feature of the urban environment, making noise pollution an important environmental public health issue. This paper reports on the 2001-2003 RANCH project, the first cross-national epidemiologic study known to examine exposure-effect relations between aircraft and road traffic noise exposure and reading comprehension. Participants were 2,010 children aged 9-10 years from 89 schools around Amsterdam Schiphol, Madrid Barajas, and London Heathrow airports. Data from The Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom were pooled and analyzed using multilevel modeling. Aircraft noise exposure at school was linearly associated with impaired reading comprehension; the association was maintained after adjustment for socioeconomic variables (beta = -0.008, p = 0.012), aircraft noise annoyance, and other cognitive abilities (episodic memory, working memory, and sustained attention). Aircraft noise exposure at home was highly correlated with aircraft noise exposure at school and demonstrated a similar linear association with impaired reading comprehension. Road traffic noise exposure at school was not associated with reading comprehension in either the absence or the presence of aircraft noise (beta = 0.003, p = 0.509; beta = 0.002, p = 0.540, respectively). Findings were consistent across the three countries, which varied with respect to a range of socioeconomic and environmental variables, thus offering robust evidence of a direct exposure-effect relation between aircraft noise and reading comprehension.
    • Extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL)-producing and non-ESBL-producing Escherichia coli isolates causing bacteremia in the Netherlands (2014 - 2016) differ in clonal distribution, antimicrobial resistance gene and virulence gene content.

      van Hout, Denise; Verschuuren, Tess D; Bruijning-Verhagen, Patricia C J; Bosch, Thijs; Schürch, Anita C; Willems, Rob J L; Bonten, Marc J M; Kluytmans, Jan A J W (2020-01-01)
    • The extent of carbapenemase encoding genes in public genome sequences

      I Janse; A Swart; M Visser; R Beeloo; L Schouls; E van Duijkeren; MWJ van Passel (2019-10-03)
    • External validation of prognostic models for preeclampsia in a Dutch multicenter prospective cohort.

      Lamain-de Ruiter, Marije; Kwee, Anneke; Naaktgeboren, Christiana A; Louhanepessy, Rebecca D; De Groot, Inge; Evers, Inge M; Groenendaal, Floris; Hering, Yolanda R; Huisjes, Anjoke J M; Kirpestein, Cornel; et al. (2019-03-20)
      To perform an external validation of all published prognostic models for first-trimester prediction of the risk of developing preeclampsia (PE). Women <14 weeks of pregnancy were recruited in the Netherlands. All systematically identified prognostic models for PE that contained predictors commonly available were eligible for external validation. 3,736 women were included; 87 (2.3%) developed PE. Calibration was poor due to overestimation. Discrimination of 9 models for LO-PE ranged from 0.58 to 0.71 and of 9 models for all PE from 0.55 to 0.75. Only a few easily applicable prognostic models for all PE showed discrimination above 0.70, which is considered an acceptable performance.
    • Extraction of soil solution by drainage centrifugation-effects of centrifugal force and time of centrifugation on soil moisture recovery and solute concentration in soil moisture of loess subsoils.

      Fraters, Dico; Boom, Gerard J F L; Boumans, Leo J M; de Weerd, Henk; Wolters, Monique (2017-02)
      The solute concentration in the subsoil beneath the root zone is an important parameter for leaching assessment. Drainage centrifugation is considered a simple and straightforward method of determining soil solution chemistry. Although several studies have been carried out to determine whether this method is robust, hardly any results are available for loess subsoils. To study the effect of centrifugation conditions on soil moisture recovery and solute concentration, we sampled the subsoil (1.5-3.0 m depth) at commercial farms in the loess region of the Netherlands. The effect of time (20, 35, 60, 120 and 240 min) on recovery was studied at two levels of the relative centrifugal force (733 and 6597g). The effect of force on recovery was studied by centrifugation for 35 min at 117, 264, 733, 2932, 6597 and 14,191g. All soil moisture samples were chemically analysed. This study shows that drainage centrifugation offers a robust, reproducible and standardised way for determining solute concentrations in mobile soil moisture in silt loam subsoils. The centrifugal force, rather than centrifugation time, has a major effect on recovery. The maximum recovery for silt loams at field capacity is about 40%. Concentrations of most solutes are fairly constant with an increasing recovery, as most solutes, including nitrate, did not show a change in concentration with an increasing recovery.
    • Facilitating the decision-making process after a nuclear accident - case studies in the Netherlands and Slovakia.

      van Asselt, Esther D; Twenhöfel, Chris J W; Duranova, Tatiana; Smetsers, Ronald C G M; Bohunova, Jarmila; Müller, Tim (2020-11-23)
    • Factors associated with high oxidative stress in patients with type 2 diabetes: a meta-analysis of two cohort studies.

      Anusruti, Ankita; Xuan, Yang; Gào, Xīn; Jansen, Eugène H J M; Laetsch, Dana Clarissa; Brenner, Hermann; Schöttker, Ben (2020-01-01)
      In the meta-analysis of the cross-sectional analysis, female sex, low education, obesity, smoking, high total cholesterol, hemoglobin A1c ≥7%, no diabetes medication, a history of myocardial infarction, heart failure, a history of cancer and C reactive protein levels (CRP) >3 mg/L were statistically significantly associated with increased D-ROM levels in patients with T2DM. The meta-analysis of the longitudinal analysis revealed that old age, female sex, obesity, smoking, physical inactivity, high alcohol consumption, ≥5 years since diabetes diagnosis and CRP levels between 3 mg/L and 10 mg/L were statistically significantly associated with D-ROM levels measured 3-4 years later.
    • Factsheet Elektromagnetische velden en medische hulpmiddelen

      Stam, R (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu, 2019-12-01)
    • Faecal carriage, risk factors, acquisition and persistence of ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae in dogs and cats and co-carriage with humans belonging to the same household.

      van den Bunt, G; Fluit, A C; Spaninks, M P; Timmerman, A J; Geurts, Y; Kant, A; Scharringa, J; Mevius, D; Wagenaar, J A; Bonten, M J M; et al. (2019-11-11)
    • Faeces as a novel material to estimate lyssavirus prevalence in bat populations.

      Begeman, Lineke; Kooi, Engbert A; van Weezep, Erik; van de Bildt, Marco W G; Reusken, Chantal B E M; Lina, Peter H C; Koopmans, Marion P G; van den Brand, Judith M A; Kuiken, Thijs (2020-03-01)